Screw Piling

RDC's latest expansion in the piling trade has provided us with the capabilities to offer Screw Piling solutions.

We can present the full package from the design to the installation and testing of the screw piles.

Screw Piling offers a range of applications for structures where the founding soils have inadequate bearing strength.

Benefits of Screwed Piles:

  • Speed of installation (10mins - 6m pile)
  • Loads in excess of 100 Tonne
  • Unlimited pile lengths
  • No mess or waste (concrete or soil)
  • Environmentally friendly - no vibration or noise
  • Continuous load capacity record
  • Segmented Piles where there is limited head height
  • Rock anchoring into medium strength rock
  • The best way to anchor into fissured clay soils

Instant screw piles are being specified by designers for more cost effective solutions in place of traditional methods of piling for the following types of projects:

  • Commercial and Residential
  • Earth Reinforcement Anchors
  • Pipelines and Conveyor Systems
  • Lightweight and Entertainment Structures
  • Temporary Buildings and Shade Structures
  • Towers and Signage Structures
  • Environmental Boardwalks and Jetty's