Manawatu Gorge - Slipworks

 CLIENT  Higgins Contractors
 TIMEFRAME  May - August 2012

Richardson Drilling originally sent the 35 tonne crane to lift off smashed beams damaged by slip and lift new beams on.

Scope increased to include all the piling on half of bridge 7 and half of bridge 9.

Half of bridge 7 was drill 34 holes between 6m and 12m deep which was a 2m socket into rock. Supply, fabricate and place 34 steel soldier piles that form the main support to the roadway on the river side. We also drilled and poured 5 contiguous piles at the end of half bridge 7, to complete the bridge at bridge 6. RDC assisted concrete contractor by lifting all the precast concrete panels (in excess of 200) and all reinforcement cages for beam columns etc.

Equipment used was 35 tonne crawler crane, 20 tonne lo-drill, JCB drill unit, the bobcat mounted down the hole hammer with associated air compressor and various augers drill buckets etc. Half of bridge 9 was to drill 6 x 900 diameter reinforced concrete piles between 10m & 14m deep with a minimum 6m into competent rock. Rock was some of the hardest ever encountered by the company. Progress at times was less than 50mm/hour. First three piles drilled and placed off the temporary fill material 25m above river level and a live road operating when the gorge was open. Last three drilled and placed off the existing road after the fill material was completely washed away. RDC also assisted the rock anchor contractor by lifting and supporting their drill rigs 25m above the river.

Equipment used was 30 tonne crawler crane, drill table, bobcat mounted down the hole hammer and associated air compressor, various drill augers, buckets etc.