Forte Apartments

 CLIENT  McKee Fehl Constructors
 PRINCIPAL  Evolo Limited
 ENGINEER  Silvester Clark
 TIMEFRAME  March - June 2010

Take an inner-CBD Wellington site only 10.0m wide and 30.0m long, install 7 No. Piles 2000mm diameter and consider how much working space there would be left for a piling rig and service crane. Originally piles were a maximum of 1800mm diameter, however because depths extended up to 37.0m a revised design was agreed following consultation with the Engineer - this involved a 2000mm diameter hole drilled over the initial 16.0m of each pile to allow installation and extraction of any necessary temporary casing and a final lap of the reinforcing cage and its 93 mains bars in triple bundles. Largest pile involved a 120m3 concrete pour with a total of 600m3 over the seven piles. Bell sizes ranged from 2.6 – 3.2m dia.

Although faced with the obstacle of an extremely restrictive working space, the site team were still able to make around two weeks gain on required programme.