Bridge 94 NIMT Replacement


 CLIENT  Morris & Bailey Limited
 TIMEFRAME  June - July 2011

 Award winning performance

Being located within our main trunkline, rigid railway schedules left only a short window of opportunity and led to a total contract programme incorporating both the tender and construction phases of around 12 weeks. A large steel safety barrier spanning the length of the working area was erected on each side of the bridge, guarding the live overhead lines and railway track. Piles sitting adjacent to the protected section of the track could then be installed, and in this staging twin 12m long 900mm diameter bored concrete piles were constructed under both abutments and a single pier. Precast concrete plugs were eventually driven at founding levels to prove bearing loads on piles, but not before drilling rigs unexpectedly battled through an old concrete foundation which slowed progress on reaching target depths. Significant resources were committed to the piling works and through efficient teamwork between the numerous crews we were able to achieve a two week gain on programme.